The Dang-it Bobbys Review

by Aly Petteruti

To say that The Dang-it Bobbys is a “country group” is a gross understatement—Kris Bauman and Luca Benedetti infuse their music with sounds ranging from indie rock to jazz to folk. The one inescapable mark of bluegrass on the pair is the banjo—an instrument that unfailingly evokes toe tapping, hootin’ and hollerin’ from the audience. Throw in some flannel and a washboard and you could easily forget you’re in New York City.

It is impossible not to get caught up in the banjo frenzy of The Dang-it Bobbys upbeat songs, but the group isn’t just a soundtrack band to a square dance.  The two musicians obviously have a cache of musical experience in different genres that they feel free to draw on when creating their songs; Bauman’s vocals are similar to those of a jazz singer, and the pair’s smooth harmonies add unexpected depth to their ballads.  Inspiration is the name of the game in songwriting, and the variety in their sound makes is clear that The Dang-it Bobbys suffer no dearth of sources.

Benedetti and Bauman’s clear voices sing out songs of bad times as well as the good, but, in the true fashion of Appalachian Folk, you will find no self-pity or melodrama in their music. The lyrics tell stories of mistakes with a smirk oppose to a grimace, adding gladly welcomed playfulness to the stage.  Musical traditions are acknowledged in The Dang-it Bobbys style, but, with the exception of the band’s bluegrass roots, not one is adhered to exclusively. It’s Americana music in the best sense of the words: a melting pot of tender and jubilant styles resulting in a final product that can be recognized by many different genres but not truly claimed by any.

For a listen, head over to The Dang-it Bobbys’ website. Better yet, head down to Postcrypt tonight and hear them live. Music starts at 8:30 and The Dang-it Bobbys are on at 9:30, make sure to get there early to get in!


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